Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Summation Paper as promised.

Here is the summation document that I submitted as part of my MA submission almost a year ago. Its contents may seem a little dated now; since the government announced a tax relief for the UK animation industry there are many production groups (I call them groups as I imagine they will move or close if/once they break ends) opening up in the UK. Whilst this increases the employment prospects for UK based animators I can help but think about the contents of the document i submitted and one of the points i raised (and still believe) - the lack of capital invested into the UK industry places it in a unique position to produce something the economy does not dictate. Thats not to say i am not aware that as animators we want to get paid - of course we do. But as procedural animation becomes more embedded into the production pipeline, as well as entering academia (as my good friend Baris Isikguner is exploring), this frees up the animators own creative capacity to be more original, independent, and ultimately in control. Whilst exposure is an issue where finance is concerned (my film has had many rejections for competitions, including BFI), this certainly has not deterred me from exploring alternative narrative, forms, styles and delivery, as my next project demonstrates. The blog for this new project is approaching, I am in the early stages of script development and have produced an initial concept for the character that need to be redeveloped. I don't want to give too much away at this stage, so for now, here is the summative document as promised. Please remember this is now a year old, and some of the context may not be relevant anymore.


If you cannot obtain the paper then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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