Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Crocus Gallery - Promotional Video

A joint project that myself and Jack Wright have been worked on in the run up to the end of term. The main focus of the this project, as opposed to others we have produced for the gallery, was to actively promote the gallery. The initial concept was to allow the audience to take a journey through the gallery, so we broke down the narrative into three areas - History, Where the gallery is in terms of growth/it's own journey and where it would like to go. The narrative visually was pretty straight forward; The location, Preparing a show, The launch and the Craft Shop. However, the actual structure was changed (There was extra footage from a previous video re-used near the beginning and the Craft Shop came before the launch!)

Being a small site in comparison to other mainstream galleries in Nottingham, we found we stretched ourselves filming and thus didn't have enough footage. It is important to note at this point that having lots of sculpture will make a cameraman happy! When an exhibition has lots of 2D work (no matter how interesting) the angles to tackle that piece of work are quite limited, we could of used different transitional techniques but an overload produces a tacky piece of work. Sculpture allows multiple angles to take a piece from, freeing up the repetitiveness that takes over the camera shots.

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