Tuesday 28 June 2011

Small Retrospect on the Dojo Scene.

After a few weeks away from the piece or work i spent 3 months looking at there are changes i want to make. (However i will incorporate them into the current project im working on)

Firstly, Where i introduced Neo, the build up was completely flat. The shots built up no tension or showed any reaction to the noise... (such as a close up of some floor boards, the foot meets the floor center view and the camera shakes) easy in hindsight isn't it! The facial reaction in this scene was ok but inappropriate as it slowed the pace and tension rather than increase it.

One of the big mistakes in my facial expressions was that they were flat. They never went anywhere inbetween, they went from A to B or in effect the opposite in A to B to X when it should've been A to X to B. Part of this was because i simply didn't produce enough facial morphers. My current character has many more, which i will post up soon!

Anyway, there will no doubt be a more substantial critique one the feedback has been issued!

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