Monday, 19 March 2012

Artefact 04

My fourth Artefact is an improvement on the third artefact. Having added more of the secondary action animation principle at the start to the larger character at the start, and added cinematography to direct the audience to the specific action and reactions i want the audience to see. The feedback was generally that it worked very well, with some adjustment needed on the smoothness of the head turns, although it is a subtle change that is needed. I've struggled in the past when it comes to cinematography, where to cut and change shots etc. However, by understanding of the staging, the acting and performance first i found it to be successful in aiding the direction. The discovery and learning through doing suggests that the action research cycle i chose and mentioned in my written document has proved a successful choice.

It has been nice to lead from the performance, itself driven from the scientific findings by Paul Ekman, and has ultimately directed the cinematography. There is however, on element that has played a huge influence in determining the pacing and how the scene and characters interacted. For this reason, my next artefact will be a silent piece - again within the context of a lie.

It will be interesting to see how the pacing works as a result, because of the sound it has been easier to cue in certain points of the narrative (and therefore action). It is also important to mention that Artefact 4 was longer than Artefact 3 because of the cinematography (having to cue in the close ups between the action and the reaction was the reason).

I'm going to look at some silent films, most likely comedy, Norman Wisdom or Chaplin perhaps as a base for reference to write my own scenario, using what i have learned from the past four artefacts.

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