Monday, 2 April 2012

Client Project Submission

Here is my submission for this years Young Creative Network. All the design, modeling, animating was my own. The sound effects were sourced from various free sites. The music was taken from and the voice over was courteous of the wonderful Sophie Merriman.

For the submission for university i think i will be brushing up some elements of the animation further. The arc of the wrists and the action of the hands and fingers can be improved on the second yawn. In some instances the pose to pose stands out a little too much, meaning the animation becomes too 'beat' obvious and loses fluidity. This may be down to the timing between each thought being fairly close in the frame consumption. The positioning at the end for the hands could also be improved as they appear to look like stumps.

Had i had more time (and bigger budgets for render farms and texture artists) i would have had the character transported to a tropical island as opposed to the impressional one i have created on the same set.

1 comment:

  1. liked the moment at 0:05, was quirky. :)