Monday, 25 June 2012

Update - Placement

So i've been on my placement at Bournville College assisting in the teaching within the Art department. It's been an interesting experience. Theres a couple of things i'd push to develop more of - and i know the tutors have being trying (and much too their frustration) - but the students are struggling too mentally enagage. If i was a journalist i'd proberbly label this 'Pass-Culture'. It's all about just passing the criteria for most of them. Suprising, as i've said to a few that to just pass wasn't even an consideration during my time there. It was all about chasing the distinctions. So i think what i'd do at the start of the course, after the inital induction, is a crash course in photoshop (the pen tool) and creative idea generation. For a week, one in the morning, other all afternoon. After helping the students generate ideas for a gurilla ad campaign - at times it was like pulling blood from a stone - many had no idea how to best create them digitally after. This isn't a criticism, just an obsveration, and something im going to be conscious of when i start my PGCE in post compulsory education after i have taken my masters degree.

Anyway, i was also given the task of creating the nameplates for the college exhibition. I came up with the following design - 

As you can get the theme was periodic tables with a simple CMYK colour scheme to tie it into the Art and Design aspect of the courses presenting. The final layout was one of the squares above placed to the left side accompanied by the students artists statements too the right, the width just under that of an A4 page. I will try and get these released once the exhibition goes live and im given the okay 

I'm at the D&AD New Blood Festival tomorrow, as one of the students presented their work through Nottingham Trent University Multimedia course. My profile can be found here.

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