Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Animator Lair...

So having finished building the lighthouse i decided to add some landscaping, an ocean, and created some floating pylons. So heres the shot so far...

The shader on this is just the default lambert, which to my suprise has produced an arctic feel to the piece. Below is another version with and without the fog applied -

Render time with fog is 13min, without it is 2! The next step for this project is to produce the cinematograhy, this is a particular weakness of mine and something I'm hoping to improve on before my MA. I'm currently working through a book by Jennifer Van Sijll called Cinematic Storytelling. So my next step is to work my way through the book and set up the shots ready to render when i'm back at university studying my MA. I am also currently working through the book, How To Cheat In Maya 2012, and another reason for my hiatus on this mini project. 

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