Monday 24 September 2012

5 Minutes to spare...

Been really busy of late. I know it's not much of an excuse for my blog neglection but there you go! 

So just to update you all, I'm starting my MA on the 1st and have a few pre-meeting assignments to do, which i will hopefully get posted up later. I've been watching a quirky little series called After Hours on Usually exaggerated acting styles go right through me, however, this little series is turning  that around. With the speed in which the conversation is presented no doubt has determined the style - its far easier to be read at speed with exaggerated expressions, even the thinking time - which gets more air time in dramas - is fairly fast. I'm not sure how well that would translate into animation. 

This week i will also be producing a new character. Going to get a layout pad tomorrow with some new fine liners, so expect some more updates soon.

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