Sunday, 13 January 2013

Artefact 08

Artefact08 from Adam Weaver on Vimeo.

This is the final Artefact of the PGC. In this i have tied all of the separate elements together in one narrative to show how they can work. This is particularly relevant for the abstract manifestations of confusion. The artefacts where i have used animals as the foundation for creating gesture do not show confusion according to the feedback. However, within this storytelling context they work. This is important because it provides something internal for the audience to understand and can act as another form of information where a character lacks a face, and therefore becomes harder to read though process.

So in this storytelling context we have:

Non-abstract gestural character performance;
Abstract non-character performance (no personality);
Abstract character performance (with personality);
There are both linear and cyclical narrative forms manifested in different elements;
The rhythm is dictated through different techniques - video reference, audio and through my own interpretation; 
As highlighted in a previous post (here) we have music (sound) guiding action, Co-ordinated Action and Sound, and Music guiding Action.

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