Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The next stage

For the PGD stage of the project i am going to investigate character design and how it can be used to aid longer narratives and investigate how these techniques can be applied to confusion. I also intend to investigate expression, which is an extension of character design.


The process shown on the link shows the technique of designing a character to a brief and incorporating 3D models into a 2D image. The character design choices were based on requirements of client and their narrative purpose is limited to the context. The reason i am mentioning this here is because this breakdown provides us with the key decisions made on the characters whilst providing technical insight. However, applying this to animation will require slightly more considerations, such as movement, gesture and emotion. While shape and form share similar considerations between 2D and 3D, shape and form in 2D and 3D applied with the fourth dimension, time, change. Movement should aid narrative (pretty obvious), but how they move spatially is significantly different, and thus, have to be designed to accommodate this. 

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