Friday, 5 April 2013

PGD stage final

To summate the PGD stage i have wrote a piece that aims to tackle a number of ideas that have circulated during this phase. I want to combine both figurative and embodied performance, that tackles the issues Disney hadn't anticipated when striving for embodiment. Donald Crafton in Shadow of a Mouse says 

'The great irony of Disney's desire to achieve emotional depth and emotive power in his films is that, although his films were wildly successful commercially, beloved by generations of moviegoers, and formatively influential on the industry, aesthetically his urge was something of a noble failure when it came to remaking animation in a new image. The figurative model often overwhelms the embodied. He did not seem to grasp that embodiment did not take place by funnelling resources into the most skilled animated acting possible, or that personality alone could not be created on-screen by skilled drawing alone. Whether identification and engagement took place was ultimately something that happened with the movie watcher - or not.'   Pg. 54

I have wrote a script for a voiceover to read. It is a mock story on the theme of surreal happenings that cause confusion - or, as we find out, could it be confusing happenings that cause surreal experience? The character performs as if he is the voiceover, it will remain concealed until the end. This will hopefully capture both figurative and embodied performances. I hope to provoke a similar question to the quote above, does embodiment take place in performance in or of animation, or is it both? There is little about the character that will be defined. He will be confused, refer to his potential age - we will never be sure - though the voiceover will play an influential role. I plan to voice this myself currently, though this may change depending on time. I plan to use the Moom rig with the hair dynamic i created which will hopefully play an important role as a secondary support with other abstract performances. It will use confusion as a platform to explore existence, illusion and identity. I will post the script over the weekend. I will start the piece early next week. I am unsure whether to create a storyboard (time being the major factor) this time would be better spent creating assets and maybe a blocking pass is a more realistic option.

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