Monday 22 April 2013

Script Update, Ideas, and previous versions animatic.

This has been taken from an email i have sent to my supervisors, it has a lot of important information that i felt pointless re-editing for the blog, it is in its original form. A little backstory on the presentation of the work in the exposition (because otherwise you might not get it). I plan to present the animation on a kind of kinetoscope which has viewing goggles. The animation will run on a 16mm style rectangle, and there will be a miniature model of the set. The animation will play act as the projector in the animation. The update script follows the email. Firstly though, is the animatic i produced for the first version of the script, and of which Lee Saunders is voicing. 

Andy, Sean,

I have updated the script. I have tried to make the beginning half consistant with the latter. The beginning is slightly off with the anecdote but there is good reason for this - it is the foreshadowing of the end, the idea being when he screams 'who am i' it will act as the lungs releasing the oxygen - his mind releasing his last retainable memories. 

It purposely switches from past and present tense. I want to tease the audience and make them uneasy while they are listening. I feel it is important to creep the audience out and make them sense it is 'odd'. I have removed the over descriptive nature of his interaction with the other characters (the chair table etc) and plan to have these objects act the way they did, with him asking 'did you see that' refering to the mug falling through the table etc. The doubt about the chair has been reduced because it was killing the flow of the dialogue in the previous version. I plan to have the action played with more wide shots, so perhaps slowly panning left to right and having the characters, objects, move and change and he talks. I'm really hooked on tobias's idea that they have different styles and seans idea about having different stories as they change, so he could be at an art deco table one second, and at a mondrian style table the next, and then another made of an army supply crate on the next for example. 

I have decided i want push the audiences interaction with the piece further during the exposition. This is why he directly addresses them (but still left open so he could equally be addressing another person within or external to the scene). I think it would be nice for there to be a sketch book or question sheet where i ask them to draw his face or invite them to tell me who they think he is. I think this could be a way of further testing Craftons critique of Disney, in that he never understood that embodiment takes place equally with the audience. If they respond with imaginative variations, on who they think the character is, this will back up Craftons idea, and if they don't, it will allow me to speculate what that could mean, not in suggesting Crafton is wrong, but what was missing from the dialogue or action or design of the work. This is going to heavily influence the design of the character, as for this purpose he shouldn't have a suggestive form, but at the same time should be aesthetically sophisticated to compete with the professionalism i need to be aiming for.

As Andy already knows, i have hired out the sound booth tomorrow and will have the actor with me from about 2.30 onwards. I would like to get your thoughts on the script before then, to make sure any parts that need addressing can be addressed prior to recording. You are both also welcome to drop by tomorrow if you have the time and think you could offer more instruction or ideas to the actor on how this could be vocally pushed. I would really value your feedback tonight if possible.

Thanks in advance,

How you ever found yourself waiting? Can you remember where that was? I had no idea how long i had been there. It was as if time had escaped and the end would never arrive. Like lungs chained to the bottom of the ocean, waiting to release like a vacuum above sea. but deep down knowing that moment will never come. 
I however will remain optimistic. Come to think of it, i have no idea where i am. I'm having a coffee which is really weird because i hate coffee. It's only natural that i would reject it. Did you see that? Is it possible? Is that table an illusion? am i, am i tripping? This stool seems real enough. But wasn't i sat on a chair?
It was at this moment i started to consider the rationality of the situation. I couldn't work out if i had control or not. Was it random or predetermined? I mean, you, your right here, right now, as i speak and as you listen we share in this moment. Wouldn't you agree that our meeting is both random and yet, predetermined? Do you know where i am? Where are you? Is this, a dream? A waking dream? What does this mean for past and present? How do you define a moment? 
Am i remembering, dreaming, or am i living? is it a combination? It's like i'm around the corner and i have no idea where that corner is. What about existence, the universe? Theres stars, planets, all kinds of matter, no-one truly knows where any of this comes from, and i have no idea what any of this im experiencing is. 
I started asking myself, is that really here? what if this whole place is as real as the table. What if everything is conditioned to perception, and how we interpret the illusion of experience, and right now that mug, the table, even myself are part of that experience?
What if chance was predetermined, and everything you see right now was meant to be and, i try to think, try to remember.. but it's fragmented. I try to give this place some kind of meaning. but this place feels soooo soooo fragile. It's a purgatory for the forgotten. How did i even get here? How did i even get here. am i high? am i dreaming? Is my neurology deluding me? and then, and then i remember, i finally remember, i don't even know who i am. How i can define anything if i don't know who i am.
Who am i? Who am i? Who am i? Who am i?

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