Thursday 27 March 2014

A very rare (but soon to be not rare) update...

It's been a long while since i last posted here. So heres a quick update:

I completed the MA in October, by that point i had started training to teach at a Post-Compulsory level - i have to say its the most intense thing i have ever done. The amount of work there is to complete is huge - but it is enjoyable, and for me that makes it worth it. 

I have not shared the final MA piece due to it being submitted into a few competition which would not allow me to share it with you. However, i feel now is the time to get it out into the public domain. It is currently uploading to vimeo and will be shared with you all later. 

I will also upload my final summation document that was submitted alongside the video, as well as all of the responses i received from the audience members who fed back. I was initially waiting for a while longer as i wanted to end the project with some further conclusions based on the responses. This will come but most probably at a later date - around may when my timetable frees up. I will also be uploading each of the presentations i had produced for your enjoyment, and it should hopefully add a little extra context for the work. 

Furthermore, as well as teaching me and a few friends (currently an unnamed collective) are working on an animated comic for web based formats. It's still in the early stages with the designs being developed and the stories being written. Once it has progressed a little further i will create a blog and link it here. 

The video will be posted shortly.

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