Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Back from the dead

It has been some distance yet again between now and my last post. Now to summarize the first term:

Context 3: My business idea was to stimulate the animation industry within the Birmingham area (My home town, and somewhere lacking in training opportunities of the kind). My catalogue approach was to establish my target audience and then tailor my images to its needs.

Client Project: I selected the YCN feel good drinks company brief and am currently building up different concepts through different marketing techniques.

Research Project: I am investigating the method through which an animator conceives a believable performance and have established three different approaches which are interlinked. Some names of the people who have influenced the research; Etienne Decroux, Jacques Lecoq, Richard Williams, Rudolf Von Laban, Ed Hooks, Angela Tinwell (to name a few). Ultimately, animation will only be progressive through development of techniques that explore interpretation of movement, and not advances in realism. For those of you that haven't looked at Angela Tinwells work should; The Uncanny Wall is particularly insightful. The message: realism is flawed.

For the past week I've been learning Maya, for which i have built and animated a Pod Racer, which should be available later tonight, (or tomorrow, as Motion Blur is desirable).

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