Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Pod Racer

Here is the finished piece following the introductory guide to Maya by Digital Tutors (Click name for link). It was modeled, textured, rigged, animated (including dynamics) and lit by myself, i didn't use any of the files that accompany the lesson, however, it remains similar do to the imitative nature of the guide. The shadow for underneath the racer is missing, I had some issues with 'use background' layer, mainly it came out solid black. One solution i found on a forum appeared to work for others, however for me all that happened was i got a completely translucent layer and toying about with the settings in-between only gave me on of those two options, solid or invisible. I've not given up so watch this space.

The guide was very easily broke down, and i found it much easier to absorb than Andy's lessons, (this is due to the way i learn rather than anything negative towards Andy, so don't read into that anything otherwise). You can find Andy's blog here. I'm currently rendering some stills of the racer itself so you will be able to see it in a higher quality and higher detail than you currently can.

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