Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sprawl 2 and I Am A Chain Reaction

A great new release has been made by Arcade Fire in shape of the video for Sprawl 2. Here is the typical version:

However there is an interactive version that can be found at www.sprawl2.com which is great fun. The movement and choreography of the dancers is interesting. I do not know enough about dance to comment on its style, however, it does remind me of the dynamo rhythm that was developed my Decroux (I have a small pool with which to relate too, so if you know any different, please drop me a comment). It was choreographed by Dana Gingras, with the group under the identity of Animals of Distinction which you can read about here. There is a great piece of work called 'I Am A Chain Reaction' which you can see an excerpt below, and this was taken from here. The rhythm of movement is slick and during the immobile moments i can't help but be reminded of keyframing. The hands, feet and head drive the trunk and the circular motion builds a nice contrast between the immobile poses and the mobile cycles. The animation was completed before, and projected from above during the performance with no compositing.

I Am A Chain Reaction from Presstube on Vimeo.

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