Wednesday, 12 December 2012

"Confusion" ("Путаница")

From the description: 

'Based on the children's story by the famous Russian writer Korney Chukovsky. A bunny tries to orchestrate a choir of animals who grow tired of their own sounds and try out new ones instead - birds ribbit, pigs quack, and so on. The confusion (путаница) grows as frogs take to flying and some wily foxes light a pond on fire.

Directed by Irina Gurvich for Kievnauchfilm studio in 1982'

Although the story is a bit weak in its conclusion, i like the way the visual and audio elements change meaning to imply and produce confusion. The use of audio pushes this, and i wonder if this could of been better if the animals also change dynamics so the pigs sat like frogs and the frogs like pigs etc... a bit difficult for the walks when they're all anthropomorphic. 

This idea of animal sounds as a guide for movement might be my next step in experiments; i really want to play with the frog croak. 

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