Thursday, 13 December 2012


For the third artefact the response was that the shrug felt too extreme - the same issue from my first artefact - so i am going to re-do that element of the animation. In the back of my mind i was cautious about ruining the flow of the rubberhose animation.

The fourth artefact they felt wasn't organic enough in the blow-up pose. They also mentioned that the noise wouldn't happen on the jump and would be more suited to the inflating motion. The green shading and audio also influence the audience, so to purely focus on the gesture these should perhaps be void for the purposes of the experiment. I will also make these changes. They also asked if i had used any reference material for the frog, which i struggled to find decent footage (though i did find a slow motion jump taking off, it didn't have the land which was i felt necessary). I imagine it like exploding pop-corn, which i also had difficulty finding decent reference material. With my next experiments i will be sure to apply this feedback.

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