Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tango and Kryielle

I spotted Tango on Cartoon Brew yesterday. Following the discussion with my supervisors last Thursday, and my subconscious attachment to rhythm that influences my practice (to a level even i was unaware), this was a pleasant discovery and well timed. It contains the two fundamental narrative forms i am stimulated by - Linear (Beginning, Middle, End) and Cyclical (see here for post on narrative structure). The evolution of age and narrative through action interwinds poetically - it is well planned, staged and timed. At it's peak with so much action it can be quite intimidating and mentally strenuous. The choice to have each cycle ease in and out allows the tension to be built with the audience before allowing them back to a calm state. 

This last point brings me to a piece of work we viewed in the feedback session called Kyrielle. It follows the same two narrative approaches as Tango, although it has a slightly more abstract elements. This, unlike Tango, has a far more unnerving development. Because these abstract elements are conceived through the action of metamorphosis, and the quantity of subjects is much greater (and so is the sound) i feel it creates a sense of confusion and unease. That could answer one potential question raised during the discussion; can rhythm show confusion?

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