Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Artefact 10

Artefact10 from Adam Weaver on Vimeo.

Here is the refined version for artefact 10. This process reflects a similar process to before where i transmuted narrative ideas to a reduced form, though in this instance it is self defined and not needing support from other abstraction in itself, although we do have support/influence from other characters. The purpose of this artefact was to test the a) if the convex and concave relationship could be used b) limits of  the rig set up and c) if it can be used as primary character.

I have been able to convey a narrative that uses both of the extreme elements of the rig - completely manual key posing and completely dynamics. Occasionally, and subtly, a blend of both. Some of the gestures are limited by curve size. Because the geometry is connected to bones which is driven by the IK curve, which itself is then driven by another IK driven by clusters and also another IK driven by the Dynamic input. Getting the blend to work smooth is a fragile relationship. 

The shrug gesture proved problematic. I had planned for it to act link a spring down and to stretch up. The curve would not stretch the geometry with it and the spring shape could not accomodate the geometry cleanly enough. I then tried to make what resembled a head shake which did not work. It looked ugly, emotionless, unreadable and killed the shape of the geometry.  The solution was to add some subtext. The over hanging arch when the hair shrugs adds emotion to the character. I think it is the only time during the piece that we emote with the hair. Which i think is okay, as this is the most important part of the narrative - his confusion. The supervisor sessions this week has been cancelled as we are all attending Animex to see Ed Hooks. It may have to wait until two weeks for our next session for feedback.

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