Tuesday 12 February 2013

Character Mentor: Chapter 1 - Drawing basic poses and expressions

Tom Brancroft highlights the following as the key principles for basic posing and expressions in Character Mentor:

- Twinning;
- Using perspective to create depth;
- Clothing: depth killers?;
- Using the core
- Line of action
- Drama is not vertical

Of these, although all relevant to animation, i am already aware of twinning and i feel the clothing section is relevant to drawn animation, as 3D (virtual or stop motion) is made on behalf of camera location. I feel the perspective to create depth is also possibly a staging issue but i think it is relevant as it ties into the last three points.

Looking back at artefact 8 i can see how these could have improved the staging and storytelling poses quite dramatically for enhanced performance. The following examples have been copied by myself from the book: 

For my next experiment these areas will be my point of focus. These design elements should improve the quality of the performance and will be the first step to answering the PGD question.

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