Saturday, 2 March 2013


Over the last few weeks i have been working on a script. I've been in regular contact with Ed Hooks who has been supplying me with feedback. The major issue with the script as it stands is the clash in POV. I am going to give it a major overhaul (whilst still trying to get some animation done!). I am restraining from publishing Ed's feedback in its entirety due to personal comments that have been added. However, here is the script as it stands at this moment in time. 

It is pitch black. The sound of FIREWORKS can be heard faintly in the distance. The sound gradually becomes louder and slowly sounds more like EXPLOSIONS. The sound of GUNFIRE creeps in and confirms we are in a hostile situation.
ALBERT'S eyes open. His vision is blurred and ears are RINGING. Through the ringing we can hear a MANS VOICE calling out. The sounds source is unknown but we are aware that it is a radio through the STATIC noise. 
Calling all troops. Calling all troops. We are evacuating. I repeat. We are evacuating. Please rendezvous at co-ordinates 65-72. Please rendezvous at co-ordinates 65-72. You have 2 hours. 
The scene is lit by a couple of flashlights scattered around the floor. Albert is lying down on a bench carved out of mud and attached to a wall carved out of the same material. 
Albert is breathing HEAVY. He looks around trying to make sense of his environment but fails to do so. He picks up one of the flashlights and searches his immediate area. He finds a box of matches, a photograph of a lady and a piece of paper.  The photo is a sepia colour image of a woman but the eyelids have been coloured blue. The image is signed 1942. He takes a look at his left hand which reveals a wedding ring. Albert drops the photo. It has no frame but still we hear a SMASH. He picks up the photo and waves it up and down. He is shocked to hear the sound of falling CRASHING against the floor. This time he places the photo to the floor. He is confused. Albert picks up the box of matches. The image on the box contains the date 2012. He throws it to the floor. It makes a SPLASH noise as it hits a puddle that is not visible. 
The sound of another EXPLOSION echos through. This explosion is closer and causes some rubble to drop from above onto him. He realizes this could be difficult. A large static noise reaches out from the radio transmitter. Alberts eyes search around for the sounds source.
Albert spots what appears to be a supply crate on the other side of the bunker. He stands up attempting to walk to the crate intently, he immediately falls to the floor. He looks at his legs which reveals a cast. He rises to his feet and attempts to walk again, this time taking more care. His gait has a hobble to it.
Albert brushes away the excess rubble from the crate. He pulls out a helmet which he places on his head. He pulls out a canister. He takes a sip before tipping it upside down confirming it is empty. 
Albert goes back into the crate. He pulls out a map and places it to his side. He pulls out a radio transmitter. He takes it over to the bench. CLICKING the reciever button, Albert turns the radio on. STATIC noise fills the airwaves. Albert turns the frequency dial until he hears a VOICE. 
Calling all troops. Calling all troops. This is a final call. This is a final call. Please rendezvous at co-ordinates 65-72. Please rendezvous at co-ordinates 65-72. You have 2 hours. 
Albert picks up the map. He searches for the co-ordinates. He finds 65 - 72. He looks around the bunker before his eyes frantically search the map. He cannot find his current location. He throws the map to the floor.
Albert looks at the ring on his left hand. Something catches him in the corner of his eye. Just behind the crate a tiny ray of light filters through. Albert goes over to the crate and tries to pull it free. The crate will not move. The rubble above it is trapping the crate. Albert looks through the gap but it is not big enough to see through. VOICES can be heard. Albert turns his ear towards the hole. 
The daffodil is a popular plant for ornamental purposes in parks, gardens and as cut flowers.
Albert becomes confused. He turns his ear towards the sounds direction before beginning to listen again.
All daffodil species contain the alkaloid poison lycorine. Mostly in the bulbs but it can also be found in the leaves.
Albert turns his eye back toward the small opening. He is still confused but this time determined to establish a solid idea of the sounds source.
Albert pulls rocks from the blockage. More light filters through. He still cannot see clearly through the holes. He pulls at a bigger piece. Albert falls to the floor failing to remove the block. His helmet falls off his head. He looks toward the helmet. It has broken into two. He stands back up in shock. His lips mime the words 'what the' though no sound can be heard. A CLICK can be heard. The VOICE stops. A ROARING race-car engine can be heard. 
Albert steps back away whilst still facing the hole. He steps on something that makes a plastic CRUNCH noise. He picks up the broken object. Albert's eye become fearful.
It is a remote control. It is too futuristic to be of this time and location. Albert drops the object avoiding as much contact as possible. It is as if it is poisoned. An EXPLOSION rips through the passage causing all the rubble to fall towards Albert. He is trapped by the rubble. Alberts eyes slowly begin to close. He tries to keep them open. He is focused. He is looking at the picture he had previously found. His hand stretches out to reach but is restricted by the rubble. His eyes close. Everything goes black.
It is pitch black. A muffled VOICE is heard. It slowly pulls into focus.
Albert? Albert? Are you okay?
Alberts eyes open. His vision is blurred. He can hear clearly. A TV can be heard in the background.
What happened? Here let me get you up. 
Albert is trapped by a chair. MILLY Lifts the chair up. We do not see her face. Albert is much older. He looks across the room. A coffee table has been turned over. Next to the table is the broken remote control, an empty glass and a lamp. He moves his focus. He sees a dish split into half. Moving his focus again. He is surprised. He sees the same photograph but in a frame that is smashed. Albert is scared and confused but aware.
Everything's okay. I'm here. I only went for a brew. You remember who i am?
Albert looks up. An older looking women from the photograph is revealed. She has the same blue eye shadow. Albert smiles. He knows who she is.
You do? 
Milly smiles. Albert stands up. Milly and Albert hug each other. Albert is home.

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