Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Designs and colour tests...

Very simple test applying the mix of monochrome and primary colours to explore how the relationship might negotiate. The use of primary colours, lack of ambient occlusion and lack of a light source seriously implicates the test, however, these are early ideas, and i like complete blend of monochrome and single colour most. This could mean i can apply a single colour to each stage, so some subtextual research could be useful.

A couple of notes on the design front. The room is a fish eye just to give me an idea of how a complete room could look as opposed to drawing singular walls or a couple of walls at a time. There will be more crates added as extras and i have redisgned the pipe-work. Remember, the theme is 'uncertain'. The overall room will be warped like the crates have and everything else has. The Pipe that curves over in many ways is part of this uncertainty, as though someone building it got to that point and realise they may have gone the wrong way and simply went down. The Windows in the initial design are open, but i felt it would be truthful to the theme to have the wooden walls go through them, again, an uncertainty. The other thing is the blend of wood and mental. The door is like that of a submarine, something that could be sealed, as are supporting structures, pipework and windows, which clash against the wood which would not be able to withstand such intolerable circumstances, and again, represents uncertainty.

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