Saturday 25 May 2013

Quick modelling and shading test...

Im fairly pleased with how the modelling of the objects have retained the uncertainness of the drawings and how it has translated into 3d. The aesthetic ideally needs to look as though it is very refined but at the same time striving to be organic, i think the models represent that need. I was conscious whilst drawing that i needed to show restraint and hesitancy (change of direction). By having sharp corners, as opposed to smooth, the shape communicates the essence of a change but, absolute sharp corners, such as right angles are too certain, too assured, and drifts away from uncertainty. A positive result of this process is low poly models which will keep scene sizes low and will allow smoother running of software application, and reduce rendering time. The next stage, as i have designed the scenes now, will to be to draw them to scale, to size, ready for the final modelling process.

As you can see in the two image i have experimented with colour very briefly. The washed out look i am seeking contradict the energy of the models, and above, where i have increased the saturation of the colour, as well as the incandescence on the outline colours. This proposes two options, either reattempt to find a good colour palet and then manipulate mood with lighting - which i feel is important for an eerie environment, or i can go cell shaded, achieve the flat colours i am seeking, manipulate them slightly with ambient occlusion and lose the lighting. I think this is an issue i will come back to once i have designed the character and the to scale drawings of the environments.

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