Monday, 17 June 2013

Boat Cabin update

Here is the updated cabin. I was concerned that the space was very empty and did not give the impression of a nautical setting. The solution was simply to create objects that would obviously be associated with water - hence the anchor, divers helmet and life belt. The other objects such as the mug, knife, light and fish bone chain were created to give a more domesticated feeling, to imply that the character may have been there for sometime. The placement of the objects appears sporadic and intended, which im not too sure i like, and may yet change. The consideration for the objects to carry obvious connections to the setting is because of the way the set will move. It will be chaotic, with the objects moving side to side as the 'boat' travels over the waves and so need to be identifiable over the motion. I am still tempted to add some more domesticated objects such as picture frames (that will be empty), but revising the requirements of the scene, i had identified at this stage it needs to be 'living' - believable. As a result i do not want to imply to much that the environment isn't real, as this idea will be established in the following scene.

For now i am going to look back over the motion of the floor for the final scene and see if there is anything in the dynamics which will be suitable.

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