Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Cottage Modelled...

This is the modelled bus stop. Again it has been manipulated in the modelling process to give an exaggerated perspective. It will sit as it is in open space. I like the idea of a bus stop on a small piece of ground that is ripping out like the big bang. Its own existence having a start and end point, as though our memories/experiences are fragments. Its a nice way to link the linear and cyclical elements of the narrative. Particularly as scientists are now thinking the universe expands to the point where a new one starts in the center, and consumes the old one outward from within. A fitting visual metaphor for the story to start again.

Here is the cottage modelled along with the tree that will also form part of the next scene albeit upside down. Its pretty straight forward, and as this scene will show via projection im not going to be overly fussy with the extras that will provide deeper meaning and act as potential pointers for the audience. 

My next concern is the final scene. I want this to look like an actual built theatre set. I already know how the chair will move, but i want the floor to feel mechanical. I want to make it obvious that the floor is moving and not the camera. On solution i have come up with is to rig a floor system like a set of tank wheels, and show the cogs turning underneath. 

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