Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Revolving Floor Update

Having done a little more research i've been able to identify 3 processes for creating a fan belt/tank tread which will drive the motion of the floor. 

First is simple, using a torus which is then driven by a lattice - it is simple and fast. The only concern i have is that it warps the geometry, and this will have implications on the squared nature of the modelling. Although it could potentially follow the philosophy of overall warping that has been applied to the other scenes. 

The second, it the same again but with a curve and joint system connected with an IK chain, still being manipulated by a lattice. As you can see in a few post below, the main issue is the lattice manipulating the speed of movement via the warp regardless of the curve applied in the graph editor. 

The third process is via motion trail that has expressions added to it. This is the process i am going to adopt and this means i am going to have to make changes to the design of the set. I am going to use this system here:


This should allow for maximum control which is what is required for the movement. Having experienced difficulties with the size of the floor panels (being different sizes), the redesign will mean each panel is the same width and length so the spacing remains constant, but to achieve the aesthetic, or illusion that they are different sizes, the middle of each panel will have a cross point, so the four corners of different panels meet and this positioning can be manipulated within each individual panel. 

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