Friday, 14 June 2013

Revolving Floor

Having started to rig the floor for the final scene i have encountered a few problems.

I have used a lattice on a NURBS curve to obtain the shape of the belt the floor panels will follow. On this curve is a joint system that is tied together using a IK spline handle. In order for the curve to maintain a consistant shape the lattice must remain active. 

The issue is that the warp of the lattice is affecting the spacing that Maya distributes each radian. So on a 360 degree turn over 360 frames the distance between each frame differs. It is producing random ease in and out points as can be seen in this video.

I have tried rebuilding the curve post warp in order to obtain an equal distribution but the is is still driven from the initial state. There are other videos where chains have been created where this problem doesn't exist, and i imagine the extreme warping only enhances the problem. The first test i did of this was much worse than the one you see here. Other videos have used motion paths, which means you have a fixed speed that cant be manipulated, and relies on objects created equal in length, and once binded rather than parented, warp with the curve as their geometry is influenced by the lattice.

I have messaged a few people to see if they can help. So for now i will go back to finishing off the cabin scene. Once, or if, i receive feedback i will decide on the next course of action. 

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  1. Hey Adam

    Did you ever find the solution to this problem? I'm in deep here!